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Great show, great energy

Thanks for your episodes. Very insightful. I’d love for you guys to feature Ivy League and other top university grads who end up doing what everybody else is doing who didn’t go to such schools. I’m not sure how you can highlight them in a respectful manner, but I think it’s worth listening to people who went to these prestigious schools, who felt like it didn’t lose their lives are their income etc. Sam,

Takes the stress away from the process

The hosts are awesome! Love their no nonsense yet enthusiastic approach to finding the right fit college. It’s a great listen and I learn something new with each episode.

Love this show

I really do love this show. The hosts are so very positive and encouraging to us during this stressful time! My daughter is a junior and I can’t tell you enough how helpful this information has been while we’re preparing to apply.

Metropolis review

My daughter is a junior in an interesting arts high school (think Fame). She is very busy and stressed but I am listening to you for great ideas and trying my best to get her to listen as well. And sometimes she does. The essay writing series in particular is something I would like her to listen to. Any tips in getting a teenager’s attention? Lol. But I love your interactions and the artful flow of the show. You are both great communicators and complement each other to make it entertaining. I’ll be listening in as I walk the street on Miami for my nightly exercise. Cheers Matt H

Absolutely amazing!

As a mom of a junior student who did not do college in the US, this podcast is a GODSEND. More than that, I work in the medical field, so the past 2 years have been a blur to me due to COVID pandemic. It's been so busy and exhausting. If you do not work in a hospital, you just cannot relate to. Coming home after a long shift you're drained both physically and emotionally. Most of the people stayed home and enjoyed this extra family time. For me, it was exactly the opposite, with the staff shortages, I was more and more in the hospital than at home. After I came home I would try to get any grocery delivery at home …since most of them were already booked for days. My son was home by himself. Time for college admission research? Nope. Not to mention that I did not know anything about it. Most of extracurricular activities were no longer offered during this time. So, this September, I entered in the panic mode big time. The guilt hit me really hard as I felt I did not do anything for my son while other kids have their parents really involved and guiding their college endeavor step-by-step since their freshmen year. I got really scared. I did not know where to start. I was so lucky to find the College Metropolis Podcast. I started binge listening. I almost wanted to hug these 2 guys. I felt as they were talking to me as my family. I still gave many episodes to go through, but I was able to relax a little bit. No longer in panic mode. I learned so much and I cannot thank them enough. I love the warmth with which Anthony and Jankel Cadavid are talking. I truly feel their advice comes from their hearts, as they would do it for their own son, and this is absolutely PRICELSS and I do not think you can find it in other podcasts. I truly believe that Anthony and Jankel secured two big fluffy clouds in heaven for what they are doing in this podcast. I wish my son would have David as his professor or someone like him, someone that inspires kids and gives them wings. He is the type of mentor that not only guides a student but also encourages in a whole-hearted way …. David mentioned in one of his podcasts that initially he thought he would major in theology but realized that this was no for him. Well David, I think by choosing this profession and through this podcast, you helped, and you are helping and inspiring way more people than if you did if you majored in theology. Have you thought about writing a book step by step for college admissions? I am putting the order in really early, as I want your first book signed. 😊 Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!

Lost without you!

Your advice has been invaluable since we found you last year in my granddaughter’s junior year. She is now a senior and working on her college application and we are listening again to some of your past podcasts to refine parts of it. She has taken your advice on the essay and gone through several revisions over the summer and now completed it. We started her college search last year by taking your advice and visiting several colleges. Your podcast has been especially valuable because her high school counselors have offered very little help in this whole process. We are this far along only because of your help. We also have an eighth grader that we can guide much earlier in this process because of the help you have given and which we will continue to follow. We are so happy to have found you!

Glad I found you!

We are in the application process so this is like you’re talking to my senior and me. I have forwarded your pod to all my fellow parents of hs seniors!

A Valuable Resource

I love how passionate the Cadavids are in providing information and insight into the world of college admissions. This show is a valuable resource as my son navigates his way through high school and prepares for his college journey. We would be so lost without the guidance of College Metropolis. Thank you for making a difference in our lives!

Superb show

Very authentic and informative. They know what they are taking about


Great information!

So many insights!

I’ve just gone through the college admissions process with my Senior son and we had a very successful outcome, due in large part to the insights gleaned from listening to this podcast. Although he is done and I’m busy making packing lists for the Fall, I’m still listening because I have a rising Junior who is already starting to think about where he’d like to go to college. He’s aiming high (any Ivy) and the episode about “Who gets into MIT” is soooo valuable, not only for anyone wanting to attend MIT, but any other highly selective school. Grades and test scores get you in the conversation. Who you are and how you fit in the school’s mission is what gets you in. Thanks for the excellent work, week after week. Appreciate you!!


Anthony and Jankel - I like to have a plan. Your podcast has given my son and I a checklist of steps to think about and complete. We would be lost without it! I love your real-life examples and I can hear the passion you have for college admissions in your delivery and interaction with each other. Thank you, thank you! Will you please do an episode about college interviews? What will be asked, how to prepare, what to do if you don't know what to say, etc?

Priceless Content!

Anthony and Jankel does such a good job covering a variety of topics. Their guests offer awesome advice as well. I would recommend this show to anyone looking to learn more about admissions!

Great advice for parents and kids alike

Anthony and Jankel are giving some incredibly helpful steps to get kids prepared for college, not just academically, but socially as well. College was a big adjustment when I was headed for the first time, but I think it’s even more complicated in today’s world. Will definitely be taking all of this great advice into consideration when my kids are preparing to transition!

Extremely helpful!

Wow! This podcast is really going to help a lot of parents who have high school kids. I can't tell you how much I wish my parents had this when I was a kid so that I could've better navigated the college admissions process. But I'll be sharing this with all my family and friends who need it. So informative! Thank you, Anthony & Jankel!

Fantastic Advice

I really wish I would of had this podcast back when I was applying to colleges. I love learning all the behind the scenes details on the admission process, it really removes the mystery of the selection process and I will definitely share with some of my young cousins who are in HS now! Thank you!

Very Valuable Information

As a parent of a high school senior, I was in search for some guidance on the college admissions process. I am so happy to have found this podcast. It has given me much needed information and tips to assist my child on this life changing experience. Thank you for your clear, concise advise and easing my nerves. Thanks!

Value, value, value!!!

Love to hear straight-forward info about such a crazy process!