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Personal Preferences to Consider When Making Your List of Colleges (Part 1). Differences in Urban, Suburban, and Rural Campus Locations. New York University, Villanova University, and Pacific Union College

#119 – On this episode, we begin a series of episodes about the steps to follow as you make your list of schools to which you will apply. Be begin by presenting academics, social, and affordability, as the 3 areas in which th...

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UC San Diego has one of the leading earthquake-related engineering research facilities in the world

Did you know UCSD is one of the most important hubs of earthquake-related engineering research in the world? For years, the NHERI@UCSD Large High Performance Outdoor Shake Table (LHPOST) has allowed earthquake engineers and researchers to perform se…

A Recent Guest Volunteered in a Veterinary Clinic While in High School. Here Is What It Did to His College Application (BTW, Today He is a Very Accomplished Doctor of Veterinary Medicine and University Professor!)

Talk but Show Evidence The best way to present yourself on your college application is to show evidence that you are who you say you are. Most students try to present themselves as candidates who should be given admission, and they write essays abo…

Make Sure Your Kids Begin High School with a 4-year Course Plan

The courses required to graduate from high school are different from the courses required to gain admission into college A very important part of your kid’s college application will be the official high school course transcript. It allows the…

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