Oct. 11, 2020

How to Choose a College That Is a Good Fit for You. Questions About Location

How to Choose a College That Is a Good Fit for You. Questions About Location
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#010 – On this episode, we begin to talk about how important it is for a student to make a list of colleges to which to apply, by including schools that are a good fit for that student. The truth is that no college or university is a good fit for every student, regardless of how prestigious or high-ranking that school may be.

This important fact, sheds light on how important it is for students to learn to identify schools offer them a good fit. Today, we will begin discussing ways to find the right schools by analyzing those that may offer you a good fit based on location, a very important attribute to consider when selecting a college or university.

When location is a good fit, it can make the educational experience better, when it isn’t, it can become a difficult obstacle that must be constantly managed.  Because of this, choosing a college that is a good fit is extremely important.

Every kid is different, therefore what can be a good fit for one kid, may not be a good fit for another. To get the most out of a higher education, it is important for kids to be sure the colleges or universities they apply to are those that offer them the best fit. 

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