Jan. 27, 2021

When to Start Thinking About Your Kid’s College Admission Process

When to Start Thinking About Your Kid’s College Admission Process

The earlier you become knowledgeable of the college admission process, the better the resource you will be for your kids

For you as parents, there is no such thing as starting to think about your kids’ college admission process too early. The truth is, there is a lot of information to take in. The faster you can manage that information the better you will be able to play the role your kids will need you to play in that process.
There are steps your kids will take each year of high school, including during the freshman year, which will affect the entire process. That is especially true if your kids plan to apply to colleges and universities that are more selective.

The mindset of high school kids early in the freshman year

However, applying to college is not something that will occupy your kids’ minds early on in high school. Keep in mind that transitioning from middle school to high school will bring challenges to them that will be huge in their lives initially. They will be adapting to a new school, new friends, new teachers, new expectations, and all that is part of becoming a high school student.
Furthermore, to them, the whole idea of applying to college may seem an entire lifetime away, and because of it they might not be focused on making sure they take all the steps they should be taking in the freshman year. That is all absolutely normal, especially early on in high school.
That is why the role you play is so important. While you are not there to take over the college admission process, you are there as a resource, an extra set of eyes that makes sure they do what they are supposed to do, especially early in the high school freshman year when their attention may be everywhere except on things related to college.

Intentional Parenting vs. Helicopter Parenting

You will hear me repeat the following concept several times on College Metropolis. When it comes to your kids’ college admissions, you are not there to be an overwhelming helicopter parents, you are there to practice intentional parenting. That means keeping a watchful eye on the things that have to be done each year of high school, so that when the application goes in to whatever colleges your kids select, they can present themselves as strong candidates for admission.

Article image courtesy of Gabriel Tovar on Unsplash